The Magi

Illumined by the brightest star

The Magi followed from afar,

Into the lowly stable shed

The glowing star three nobles led.

They stood and stared in awe of Him

Who came to rid the world of sin,

In humble homage to the child

They bowed before the baby mild.

Rare gifts of gold and frankincense

And fragrant myrrh with sweet essence,

They bore with them into the cave

And to the Prince of Peace they gave.

No bed of royal silk was spread

To rest the infant baby’s head

But in a swaddling shawl He lay

To keep the cold night air at bay.

Between the ox and ass He slept

Within the mangers soft hay cleft,

Watched by the virgin mother proud

And Joseph, who was to her espoused.

He held the lantern up a pace

To let them see His smiling face,

And there assembled on the ground

The little lambs all gathered round.

For from the hills the shepherds came

Roused out of slumbers solemn dream,

By angel voices singing nigh,

“Glory, Glory, to God on high”.



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