The Architectural Heritage of St Fachnan’s Cathedral

By Dr Michael O’Neill

We have a very exciting event coming up in Kilfenora in June; Dr Michael O’Neill, an architectural historian and digital archivist who has researched and written on all aspects of Irish architecture, is coming to give a presentation on the Cathedral of St Fachnan. In 2023 he published An Architectural History of the Church of Ireland (Church of Ireland Publishing, 392pp), in which he provides a lively and detailed overview of Church of Ireland churches all over the country, addressing the legacies of various architectural movements, church furnishings, and the practice of inherited medieval churches remaining in use, among many other topics.

Prented By: Dr Michael O’Neill F.S.A. Architectural Historian
Date: Tuesday 25th June 2024 at 8:00pm
Venue: St’ Pachnan’s Cathedral, Kilfenora
Price: €10 (€8 concessions)

Small, remote, and impoverished, nevertheless this tiny cathedral is an importanty monument in the architectural, cultural, ecclesiastical and religious history of IrelandO’Neill, M. 2013

the Cathedral of St Fachnan

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