Virgin Mary’s Lullaby

Sleep quietly now my little child,
And I will rock you meek and mild,
Cling tightly, then I’ll gently lay
Your Holy head on manger hay.

See the oxen stand and stare
From gaping door of stable bare,
In awe and wonder of the sight,
My Jesus born, all swathed in white.

Listen to the shepherds call
Their playful lambs down from the hill,
For they have heard the angels sing
Glory to my baby King.

Traversing eastern lands afar
Three wise men glimpse a shining star,
And looking in their wise man scroll,
My King they found, born to extol.

Sleep gently now my little Prince,
Gifts rare of gold and frankincense,
And myrrh sweet the sages brought,
By glowing star your crib they sought.

And as you sleep all through the night,
I’ll watch with Joseph my precious mite,
With ox and ass it’s here we’ll stay,
Close by your crib to watch and pray.


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